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Scot Braithwaite

SteingiesserScot Braithwaite has had a long association with the cattle industry and South East Asia.

His family moved to Malaysia in 1972 where they ran an 8000 head extensive breeding operation at Keratong on the Pahang Johor border in West Malaysia. Two of Wellard’s current clients were clients of Scot’s father back in 1976.

Returning to Australia, Scot was a jackaroo on a number of northern stations and gained an economics degree from the University of Queensland.

After university he worked for the Northern Territory Government treasury, large pastoral empires Stanbroke Pastoral Company and Heytesbury Pastoral Company; and exporters Austrex, SEAF and Austasia.

Scot spends equal amounts of time in Indonesia and Malaysia and looks forward to the day when Wellard is exporting half a million cattle a year into the region.


Mobile Indonesia: +62 813 387 33 122
Mobile Australia +61 417 630 406
Email: S.Braithwaite@wellard.com.au