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Fawzi Ibrahim Ghandour

Born and educated in Jerusalem, Fawzi emigrated to Australia in 1966 where he held numerous professional positions in logistics, shipping  and commercial operations until 1980.

In 1981 he established The Australian Saudi Arabian Livestock Company based in Adelaide, South Australia, and stayed with this company in the capacity of Managing Director until 1988. During this period, he oversaw livestock supply operations from Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Since 1989 Fawzi has been actively engaged as the Middle East Marketing Manager for the trading operations of Siba SpA and Wellard Rural Exports, based in Amman Jordan.

In 2008 Fawzi was appointed as the founding Managing Director of Wellard Saudi Trading Co Ltd, the first and only foreign owned livestock enterprise in the Kingdom. Fawzi is charged with the responsibility to transfer Wellard’s ethos of best practice animal welfare and handling to all aspects of the Wellard Saudi operations. Fawzi is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Mobile: +966 2 543 965 736
Email: F.Ghandour@wellard.com.au