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Kanda Lu

Executive Director 

Kanda is the representative of major Wellard shareholder HongKong Fulida.

He possesses considerable expertise in Chinese commerce, distribution and marketing.

Kanda’s former positions include Head of Sales of Morgan Stanley Huaxin, Vice President (Institutional Clients) of Ping An Securities, Senior Manager (Institutional Asset Management) of Dacheng Fund, and Business Development Associate (NSW Branch) of Australian Finance Group. He  graduated from Macquarie University, where he obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations with the degree of Master of International Trade and Commerce Law, and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

In addition to his appointment to the Wellard board, Kanda has been appointed as Head of China Initiatives. He will also be Managing Director of Wellao, Wellard’s 100 percent-owned Chinese subsidiary, and responsible for the development and growth of Wellard’s entry into the Chinese beef cattle market.