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Sponsorship Application Guidelines


Within its Australian communities and global operations, Wellard directs a wide interest in social investment via sponsorship programs- we love getting involved and helping out where we can. As an essential part of our corporate mission and vision, we believe it is important to align our business operations with contributions to the wellbeing of people in our communities.

The objective of Wellard’s sponsorship programs are supporting various communities we participate in and striking the right balance between our economic growth and social development. Our activities in the community support a broad range of interests including business development, animal welfare, community events, youth, sport, the environment, education, health and safety.

Due to the high volume of sponsorship and donation requests received, it is unfortunate that not every request can receive Wellard’s support, no matter how worthy the cause. The following guidelines will help determine whether or not Wellard is able to assist you with your sponsorship request.


Wellard aims to assist sponsoring activities, events or services that:

  • Change or influence behaviours leading to additional improvements to Australia’s livestock export industry
  • Demonstrate substantial results in communicating rural export messages to the public (usually raising animal welfare standards)
  • Increase awareness of the role of Wellard
  • Promote the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Potentially attract significant media coverage
  • Are not in direct competition with Wellard  

Other considerations:

  • We normally sponsor relevant organisations and activities located in the geographic area that we operate in
  • We seek to allocate sponsorship funds equitably across our service areas
  • We take into account prior or existing sponsorships
  • All sponsorships allocations are subject to budgetary considerations


These include requests for funding involving:

  • Applications on behalf of charitable or other organisations (we take direct requests only)
  • Activities that support political or religious organisations
  • Activities that denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • Activities that mistreat animals
  • Commercial or advertising requests
  • Projects which would normally be the responsibility of the Government
  • Requests for recurrent or 'rolling' funding or to cover salaries or overheads
  • Programs or projects that contribute to the financial gain of an individual or a business
  • Activities that are violent, hazardous or dangerous to public health or safety
  • Activities that conflict with Wellard’s corporate values
  • Individuals seeking support
  • Individuals or groups raising money for unspecified/personal cause
  • Travel or accommodation costs
  • Academic studies
  • Conference registration or costs


Support for an organisation, event or program is often provided if Wellard can maximise its sponsorship of the organisation, event or program to promote Wellard’s name, image, product and services.

For Wellard to enter in a sponsorship, ideally it should be a cost-effective means of marketing our products and services or communicating key messages. Hence, Wellard views favourably sponsorships opportunities that enable us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Build relationships with key customers or stakeholders
  • The potential to generate economic and social benefits for the community in which Wellard operates and belongs
  • Reflects position Wellard as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Raise Wellard’s public profile through positive exposure
  • Communicates key corporate messages to defined target audiences
  • Builds Wellard’s reputation as an organization that cares about the community and environment


Wellard believes a sponsorship is a partnership, and will assist our sponsorship partners by:

  1. Structuring our sponsorships so they help an organisation achieve its goals;
  2. Going beyond writing a cheque, by providing advice and support as appropriate and as requested;
  3. Using our best endeavours to obtain publicity and promote the activity and Wellard’s sponsorship.

In return, Wellard prefers sponsorship partners committed to assisting achieve our commercial goals by:

  • Keeping Wellard informed about the organisation or activity
  • Delivering all promised benefits
  • Supporting and promoting Wellard
  • Measuring and evaluating the success of a sponsorship.
  • Delivering on these measures is a key element in evaluating a sponsorship.
  • Opportunity to receive photos and stories to include into Wellard newsletter 

Other sponsors

Wellard supports sponsorship opportunities where:

  • Wellard is the only livestock industry sponsor
  • There are a limited number of other sponsors in a similar capacity


Wellard appreciates that many community/charitable organisations are run by volunteers on their own time. The following is provided to assist people/organisations to submit sponsorship requests in the most efficient and targeted manner possible.

To enable us to evaluate all opportunities, we request that sponsorship requests are submitted in writing or email, at least ten weeks prior to the event.

 Your application for sponsorship should consist of:

A completed sponsorship request form which can be downloaded here.
A written sponsorship proposal.

Your written sponsorship proposal should be divided into two sections:

(i) the sponsorship opportunity – which should briefly outline what the sponsorship entails.

(ii) the benefit to Wellard – which should outline and explain:-

  • the fit between Wellard and your organisation
  • the commercial objectives Wellard can achieve by sponsoring your organisation
  • the rights and benefits you will provide to Wellard
  • how you will communicate with Wellard
  • how the success of the sponsorship will be measured
  • if request is for more than $500, state the estimated value of all exposure provided to Wellard 

(E.g. television coverage, spot packages, radio, press, signage).

Your sponsorship application and proposal should be sent to:

The Sponsorship Manager


PO BOX 796
Fremantle 6959
Western Australia
Tel: +61 8 9432 2800
Email: holdings@wellard.com.au


  • Wellard carefully considers all sponsorship requests received with the following process:
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Marketing Department to assess whether it suits Wellard’s current communication requirements
  • If your application is recommended for further consideration by the Media and PR Advisor, it will be referred to senior management
  • If Wellard is not in a position to pursue the sponsorship opportunity we will notify you within four to eight weeks of Wellard receiving your request
  • If Wellard is interested in pursuing the sponsorship opportunity we will contact you to discuss the proposal directly