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The Race

The ISDE is the world’s largest annual off-road motorcycle competition. Since 1913, countries have sent their best off-road racers to exotic locations around the world to be tested on everything from sandy beaches to rocky crevices to deep woods to motocross tracks for the event described as the Olympics of off-road motorcycle racing; the ISDE attracts more thasan n five hundred riders from countries all over the world every year.

This year's ISDE is being held in San Juan in Argentina and will showcase some of the best talent in off-road motocycling in the World.

This year,  Chris Bach, Andrew Delong and Gary Sutherlin, will form the Wellard USA Club Team and compete for the World Club Team Cup.

The Club Teams consist of three riders whose timed scores are recorded each day and at the conclusion of six days of competition are combined to find the lowest scoring team, who is then declared the winner.

The rules of the ISDE has evolved over the years, but has always been run as an enduro-type format, where riders have to follow a set route at a set pace over six days. Sections known as special tests are included along the way where riders will via for the fastest time around a shorter loop to help determine daily scores.  In addition, there are strict rules as to when a rider may work on their machine and the availability of tools and spare parts that may be used. The distance of the event can vary, but is traditionally well over 1,600 kilometres, totalling around 250 - 300 kilometres per day.

Click here to learn more about San Juan in Argentina - the home of the 2014 ISDE.

ISDE San Juan course map