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The first full day in San Juan

30 October 2014

On our first full day in San Juan and the riders were still walking the special test to familiarise themselves with the layout of the course, the better they can remember the terrain the quicker they will be able to navigate their way through when the competition starts. In a sport where every second counts, any advantage you can get will be valuable.

With still no container in the paddock everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their bikes. If you are not a rider walking the tests, then you have been checking the routes to the designated checkpoints and special tests - which sometimes can be very challenging in itself.

Due to the proximity of the trail, some of the special tests and control points can be a little obscure and in places you may not expect. This is why you need to make the effort to locate each of the control and special tests prior to the event because once the racing starts, things quickly become hectic.

There are a whole host of other things to consider at a Six Day event, from road rules to asking for directions, all of which can be pretty interesting as some of the places you end up English is not spoken at all. So it is down to a few words and hand gestures to get you by and usually everything turns out for the best.

Tomorrow will be a new day of cactus and trails if the container does not arrive early. So we will keep you posted on what is happening as we go.

“Late breaking news says the Team container has arrived and it is safely in the Parc Ferme. So Friday will see some frantic work going on to get things set up and bikes assembled for testing. Stay tuned!” 

Meet the Wellard USA Club Team members here:


See below for some images of all the action in the warm-up to the start of the ISDE:

Enduro test 1 and 5 for day 1 and 2


Special Test


Special test 2 and 6 for days 1 and 2


Day 6 MX start gate